Frequently AskedQuestions

When you have a personal photographer, she will:
- take the time to build personalized packages based on your needs,
- help you take decisions regarding what setups, props, clothing or what location to choose for the sessions,
- hold in-person ordering sessions, to help you decide what images would look best on what products,
- show you how the images would look on your own walls, even before having the final products.
- archive and backup for you all the images from your photo sessions, even the ones that were not ordered during the ordering session.

For newborns, the best is to schedule the session within the first 2 weeks of their life. This is when they tend to sleep more, without minding what is going on around them. Here are other important milestones:
- 3-5 months, when they are getting stronger and they are more willing to explore our setups. Nobody can resist to the cute smiles of a baby at this age!
- 6-8 months, when they can sit unassisted (it is OK if they are a little wobbly). Simply adorable!
- around 12 months, when they get on their feet by themselves. This is the perfect time for some really fun pictures!
- 18 months, 2 years, 3 years and any age after that, to capture the childhood's happiness and to create some amazing works of art that are growing up with your child.

For newborn sessions, we always keep a few other available dates, just in case the baby decides to come out earlier or later. This is why it is important, if possible, to book a newborn photo sessions at least 2 months in advance (the longer the better). If your due date is closer than that or if you just gave birth, it is still worth to try and call us, as sometimes we have last minute spots available.

We strive to offer the highest quality images and products, this is why we can schedule just a few photo sessions per month. Please call or email to schedule a photo session 4-8 weeks in advance, to make sure we have an available spot. For newborn sessions, please read above.

It really depends on how soon the belly starts showing. But usually, the belly looks fabulous at around 7 months. This is when the Moms are not yet tired, but the belly is already big enough and spectacularly round.

All our images are passing through extensive post-processing, digital composition and retouching that is reflected in the schedule below. 1-2 weeks after the photo session you will first see the post-processed images during the ordering session. Then, it will take another 2-4 weeks for composing and retouching all the ordered images and another 2-4 weeks for printing and delivering the final products.

Yes, and most often, our clients are combining it with a short family session before the party.

Yes, and even more than that, we are designing invitation cards and "Thank you" cards, as well. You can add your personal touch to our designs by including elements or colors of your choice. All designs are made from scratch, specially for your occasion.

We are offering three types of digital images, for maximum flexibility:
- Original resolution digital files (recommended if you plan to have many prints of the same image);
- Online resolution digital images - for keeping them forever and sharing with friends and family;
- free mobile app with a gallery of all ordered images. You will always have your images in your pocket, at just one tap away and it may be installed by other family members, as well. Did we mention that this comes for free with your order?

"Blackboard Adventures" is a type of photography created by Anna Eftimie at Cute Moments Photography, in which a baby or a child of any age can become the main character in a story drawn on a blackboard. By drawing the settings with real chalk on a real blackboard, the possibilities are endless and limited only by our imagination.

Just imagine ANY theme and the artists at Cute Moments Photography will create it for your baby.

"Creative Touch" is a collection of original images that are using special setups created from scratch at Cute Moments Photography. Through Anna's "Creative Touch" the newborns and children are transported to enchanted dreamworlds. Following a days-long processing, each image receives a vibrant and surreal look.

Please check out the "Creative Touch" gallery and choose your favorite setup: The Clouds" with their clean, breezy feeling; "Magic Forest" for a mysterious, fairy tail look; the "Clothes Drying Wire" for a funny scene; "The Flower" or "The Mushroom" for a how-is-that-baby-sleeping-there? kind of image.

Cute Moments Photography offers simple portrait or fun-filled candid photo sessions, too, within their regular photo sessions. These may be taken either indoor (studio or home), either outdoors.

Please visit these two photo galleries to see examples from the indoor photo sessions and from the outdoor photo sessions.

Most of the photo sessions at Cute Moments Photography are combinations of simple, classic setups and the more special "Blackboard Adventures" and/or "Creative Touch" setups.

We prepared this "session building" tool that will help you choose any combination of setups you would like for a fully personalized photo session.

Babies and children have a short attention span. During a photo session, it is best to use no more than 3-4 setups. After that, the babies and children become tired and difficult to cooperate with.

Due to the extensive processing time necessary for these kind of images, their number is limited to maximum 2, when combined with other simple setups, or to maximum 4 in a fully creative session, composed by "Blackboard Adventures" and "Creative Touch" setups only.

As a comparison, the more simple, classic setups may produce 3-10 images each, so the parents usually choose to have 1 or 2 simple setups combined with the more creative ones, to get more pictures from their session.

More questions? We would love to help!