AboutAnna Eftimie

Inspired by children's unlimited imagination, Anna Eftimie, the award winning photographer at Cute Moments Photography, creates vibrant and orginal works of art in her San Francisco - San Jose Bay Area's studio.

She is most famous for "Blackboard Adventures", a type of photography in which a baby can become the main character in any kind of story. By drawing the settings with real chalk on a real blackboard, the possibilities are endless.

Anna is constanlty introducing new and eye-catching concepts that are bringing freshness and innovation in the baby photography world. Most of these concepts are gathered into a collection called "Creative Touch", in which the newborns and children are transported to enchanted dreamworlds. Through a unique, days-long processing, each image receives a stunning surreal look.

Only a few months after starting "Cute Moments Photography", Anna's efforts started to be appreciated, by receiving numerous awards in international professional competitions. She quickly became one of the most awarded baby photographers in Bay Area. The most appreciated characteristic of her images is their power of storytelling.

Anna can become today your personal photographer